Strive Headband T2


40% wool (merino) | 35% modal | 25% cotton


regular fit


height 12,5 cm
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I am part of the STRIVE lineup, the very first high performing and most sustainable knitted head- and neckwear sports collection. Thanks to my specific mix of purely natural materials, 3D Active Knit technology and medium fabric with a height of 12.5 cm, I am designed to excel under a wide variety physical efforts or in transitioning temperatures while being helmet compatible, making me the perfect all-rounder. T2 is arranged in the middle of the STRIVE series in terms of thickness and adaptability, delivering versatile cold-weather performance with a slightly taller headband form than T1. My pattern indicates areas with specific functionality for designated zones that require additional thermoregulation, absorption or ventilation. Effectively covering the lower part of the ears, I am protecting an area that has shown to be especially temperature-sensitive. Patent pending. Made in Austria

I was created by developing a proprietary head mapping system to explore different temperature zones, characteristics and requirements, leading to the invention of a specific 3D knitting pattern with an adapted structure. Together with multiple material combinations specific to the model – a blend of 100 percent organic merino wool (no-mulesing), Skindry MicroModal and SolucellAirTM – highest functionality and wearing comfort is achieved. Accompanied – and at the same time challenged – by an independent field test team of picky outdoor enthusiasts that pushed the limits of what was first thought possible, my performance features have been proven under laboratory conditions and outdoors alike.

I'm also available  as the STRIVE Beanie T2 and STRIVE Tube T2.

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