Eisbär. Fashion for Fellows.

Eisbär ski hats are more than just accessories. Eisbär ski hats are high fashion. They are the trend. They are the last thing you take off and the first thing you put on. Preferably all year round. And that is perfectly possible, because our ski hats are available to suit every season. In light and cool. Or wonderfully warm, with fleece lining.

Eisbär. Once & always.

Eisbär has made a name for itself. And it is worn by big names. Not only in the skiing world, but also wherever the scene matters. Because they go with everything. They match your outfit. They match the occasion. And they suit your style and your mood.

  • Close-up of colored wool

    Top quality

    This is not just down to good luck, but has many good reasons. Fit, functionality, workmanship and materials are all top quality. As is the look. Conspicuously different. And conspicuously attractive. A real eye catcher. Whatever the model. It is the combination of functionality and fun, looking good and feeling good that the Eisbär is about. Which is why the professionals from ÖSV, ÖOC and Eisbär are a team. And it is also why all over the world, Eisbär has friends that are more than friends. More like fellows. Who will go through thick and thin - once an Eisbär, always an Eisbär.

  • A man and a woman wearing blue Eisbär ski hats

    Commitment to tradition

    Eisbär has been shaping winter sports for more than 60 years. Making not only the ski slopes but life in general more colourful. Which is why we thought it was about time we added some more fashion articles. Naturally, our ski hats will always be our heroes, the 'bear's share' of the Eisbär Sport collection - plus our jackets, sweaters, and scarves, from sporty to casual. All as well-conceived and of as high a quality as our ski hats.

  • Close-up of a hand attaching an Eisbär label to a ski hat

    Made in Austria

    In this way, the future is set to bring even more Eisbär into our lives: the fashion to go with the hat. For going out, turning things up, and winding things down. Whatever you feel like doing, Eisbär will go with you. Which is how it should be with real friends.