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Bouldering legend Bernd Zangerl and Eisbär have teamed up to support project Rakchham with an iconic product, the Rakchham Beanie – sustainable and produced in Austria. A portion of the proceeds from each product goes to the Rakchham Mountaineering & Adventure Club (RMAC) in the Himalaya mountains, founded and run by local guides.

With this you are supporting a project close to Bernd's heart: carefully opening up the community of Rakchham in India and its unique mountain world to a wider climbing public while at the same time minimizing the ecological and social impact on the region.

Show style and help support Bernd Zangerl's goal for a better climbing future and to benefit the indigenous people of the region.

Exklusiver Pre-Launch - Entdecke die Weltneuheit von Eisbär

STRIVE For a natural experience

STRIVE – a worldwide innovation regarding the use of purely natural materials with the demand for maximum functionality in combination with the most modern production processes in knitwear. Eisbär sets a benchmark and proves that nature can be better than synthetic fibers.

"Strive for a natural experience" stands for the pursuit of pure pleasure and an untroubled experience in nature. STRIVE stands for a positive attitude to life, love of nature and sport.

100% nature. 100% experience.

Developed, engineered and produced in Austria. Patent Pending.


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Brand new collection

New Sport Style collection combines sustainable fashion with an urban outdoor character.

Modern and beautiful colors, reduced design with clear lines, many combination possibilities for everyday outfits in the urban jungle for sustainable fashionistas.

We love sport

Our highly functional and sustainable PULSE collection is true to the motto SPORTY BY NATURE.

PULSE Beanies and PULSE Multitubes are the perfect all-season products for sporty outdoor activities, a smart companion, light and small, always at hand, equipped for all weather conditions and situations.

We love knitting

Our enthusiasm for this production technology continues unabated.

„Knitting“ is now high-tech, but also an environmentally conscious, resource-saving and waste-saving type of production. Applications such as “fully fashioned knitting” or the “knit and wear” approach open up almost unlimited
possibilities in the development of new designs. This can be seen in the new Eisbär collection.

We love nature

Blue Bear – every detail counts

We place the highest demands on the ecological and social compatibility of our actions. In the future, Eisbär will increasingly use recycled materials – such as reprocessed wool or fleece from PET bottles – and has already committed itself 100 % to no-mulesing practices in regards to merino wool.

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