Rakchham Beanie


70% wool (23% recycled) | 30% polyamide (100% recycled) | Application: 100% Rewool




regular fit
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In order to support Bernd Zangerl's special project in the Indian Himalayas, Euro 5 of each Rakchham Beanie sold will benefit the careful opening of the boulder paradise in Rakchham to the outside world – in accordance with its native population as main beneficiaries and keeping the environmental impact to an absolute minimum.

Knitted in the Knit & Wear process – a modern 3D knitting procedure that can create complicated structures to an almost finished product from beginning to end – my 2 x 2 rib pattern with the unique Rakchham logo is a statement to bridging the modern world with the old in a timeless look. In addition, this process saves resources and avoids waste.

With respect for nature being one of the main pillars of the project, I am manufactured from 23% recycled wool, 47% wool and 30% recycled polyamide, making for a wool share of 70% total. All synthetic fibers adhere to the Global Recycle Standards (GRS). The iconic Rakchham logo also has been created from a mix of wool and recycled polyester. For best wearing comfort and softer touch, I have already been prewashed, ironed and underwent strict quality control. Made in Austria, to make a small contribution to the world with local production.

Find out more about Rakchham at www.rakchham.com