Vin Active Headband RL SP


55% wool (merino)|45% polyester (recycled)

Inside Material

100% modal


natural performance


height 11cm


height: 11cm
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Thanks to a retro-inspired look featuring stripes, I protect a particularly vulnerable area from cold by covering it with my height of 11 cm at the front and 14 cm at the back, with a rounded shape that fully covers the ears and not only identify with a sporty lifestyle but also with an ecological attitude. The official logo of the Austria Ski Team makes me particularly popular with fans of skiing.

My combination of the materials Rewoolive as an outer layer and inner layer made of SkinDry MicroModal utilizing a state-of-the-art 3D knitting technique – Eisbär's ACTIVE KNIT technology – ensures excellent temperature and moisture regulation at the highest level during athletic performances.

The improved material mix Rewoolive consists of 55% shrink-resistant fine Merino wool (no-mulesing, chlorine-free) and 45% Polyester from 100% recycled post-consumer bottles (GRS – Global Recycled Standard). Thanks to the natural Merino fiber I provide excellent insulation in cold temperatures and efficiently transfer moisture while offering high breathability. SkinDry MicroModal – which is completely derived from beech wood – provides enhanced properties for optimized thermoregulation, better moisture absorption and faster drying.

I’m awarded with the BLUE BEAR sustainability label from Eisbär.

I am also available as the VIN ACTIVE OS POMPON RL and VIN ACTIVE RL HEADBAND. Also available as a SKI AUSTRIA version: VIN ACTIVE OS POMPON RL SP.

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